STEMS2 Benefits


  1. Each STEMS2 Scholar  will receive an annual stipend of $15,000 dollars per academic year. Funds can be distributed during academic year and in Summer sessions.
  2. STEMS2 Scholars will work with highly skilled middle and high school teachers throughout their matriculation.
  3. STEMS2 Scholars will have opportunities to attend national conferences in mathematics and science education.
  4. STEMS2 Scholars will work with highly skilled induction specialists for the first two years of teaching in an effort to ease their transition into the teaching profession.
  5. Upon program completion, STEMS2 Scholars will earn a STEM degree and teacher certification.


Recipients of the STEMS2 stipends are expected to do the following:

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress in content and pedagogy coursework.
  • Remain a STEM major throughout their matriculation.
  • Complete field experiences with highly skilled mentors selected by program staff.
  • Contractually agree to teach mathematics or one of the sciences for two years within an eight-year period after graduation. ¬†Teaching must occur in a high needs school district (Note: Nearly all school districts in Louisiana meet the criteria for being deemed high needs including, our partner districts Lafayette Parish & Iberia Parish school systems).
  • Participate in all activities designed by assigned induction specialists.