Do I need to be a STEM major to participate in the project?

Yes. You must major in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. You must also either:

  • Double Major in Secondary Education or
  • Choose Education as a minor
  • Have earned a STEM Bachelor’s degree and intend on enrolling in a post Bachelor’s teacher certification program at UL Lafayette.

What are the minimum qualifications for the project?

  • Preferred GPA  of 3.0 or higher
  • Must be a mathematics, biology, physics or chemistry major and a full-time student. 
  • Must be a junior or senior (Math majors must have passed Cal II or above; BIOL majors must have passed Genetics or above)
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien

What are the teaching requirements for the program?

  • Recipients of stipend must commit to completing two (2) years of service as a mathematics or science teacher in a high-need school district for each year the scholarship is received.  Service must be completed within eight (8) years after graduation.  Note:  Our partner districts, Lafayette Parish Schools and Iberia Parish Schools,  both meet the high needs criteria; in fact, nearly all school districts in Louisiana meet the criteria.
  • Recipients must sign a contract agreeing to repay the awarded total should the teaching requirements go unfulfilled. 

How do I apply?

  • Potential scholars can apply only at ullam3.com .  Students seeking support can apply at anytime. Select applicants will be interviewed within two weeks of applying.

How many stipends will be available for Spring 2016?

  • The project will award up to ten stipends valued at $11,500. Funds will be dispersed in installments during the Spring and Summer sessions. 

Are Freshman and Sophomore  STEM majors eligible? 

  • Freshmen and Sophomore STEM majors may participate in the STEMS2 Mini Summer Internships.  These two-week endeavors will allow participants to work with Master Teachers for one week in a camp designed to further challenge high potential middle school students. Participants will also take a non-credit seminar course in higher level STEM areas. Participants will receive a $1000 stipend for their participation (Note: Mini internship will be completed prior to UL Lafayette’s 2016 summer school session).






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